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The Get2Cop App has been designed to be easy to use. However, we do understand that there will always be questions and the need to get answers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers!

If your question isn’t on the list, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll do our best to help you Get2Cop.

How Do I Download The App?

The app supports iOS and Android. Please follow the relevant link to find the app for your device.

Apple App Store (iOS) –

Google Play Store (Android) –

How Do I Sign Up?

Download the app and begin the registration process by pressing Sign Up at the bottom of the login screen. To create your Account, add your Email Address, create a new Password and follow the instructions.

Where Is My OTP Confirmation?

The One-Time Password (OTP) code can take a few seconds to arrive. Be sure to check your junk and clutter folders. You can request another OTP code from the registration screen on the app.

How Is My Start Point Decided?

The start point of your journey to COP28 is decided by the location of your mobile phone when you sign up. Make sure you are where you want to start from if you are joining as an individual, starting a new group or you are an educational establishment, club, or company. Don’t worry if you are taking part under your country’s flag as the starting point will be your country’s capital city. If you are joining another group, you will start from that group’s starting point.

How Do I Change The Application Or Device I Am Connected To?

Logout and Login again. At the Dashboard, you will be invited to Connect To The Health App Or Device To Be Part Of The Journey, click and select.

I Do Not Have A Group To Join?

Everybody has a group to join! On the Select Participant screen select Group. You can then search and join any group. An invitation is sent to the Group Admin and you are advised when accepted. Alternatively, select My Country and join others like you on a journey from your country’s capital to COP28.

What Avatar Should I Choose?

There are 16 Avatars to choose from. Whatever one you want. Is there an aspect of Climate Change that resonates most with you? Pick that one and don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can change it later in Profile.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Get2Cop has established a Climate Fund under the auspice of UK Registered Charity The Talent Fund. Registered No. 1185346. The Talent Fund creates partnerships to drive social change and support public good. The Climate Fund will seek out climate action projects and programs that you want to support. By selecting your avatar, Get2Cop can establish what aspects of climate change are most important to you. All donations and any personal sponsorship monies collected via the Get2Cop app and website are paid directly to The Talent Fund and will be used to support Climate Action projects and programs around the world.

What Is My Display Name?

Anything you want it to be! No profanities please or it will be deleted. You can put your real name or choose a display name. This name will appear alongside your chosen icon for others to see.

Why Aren’t My Recent Steps Showing?

Refresh your Dashboard. Data is polled every time the Dashboard is refreshed. Try clicking on Track Steps or Profile and then go back to Dashboard. Your steps should refresh. If you are linked to Strava or Fitbit, ensure those apps have updated your steps.

Can I Cancel My Account?

Yes. Go to Profile and Delete Account.

Why Isn’t My Location Exact?

One of the issues you can experience with Google Maps is the app not showing your accurate location. This usually happens if you have the location accuracy option disabled on your mobile device. Turn the option on and Google Maps should be able to pinpoint your correct location. However, it is not that important. You are going a long way to COP28, a few hundred yards doesn’t really matter!

Does Get2COP Track Me?

No, not at all. The app only sets the starting point for your journey to COP28. Thereafter, only your steps and distance traveled are recorded to move your avatar along your route to COP28. Your avatar’s virtual position does not indicate where you actually are.

How Are My Steps Counted?

Get2Cop enables you to connect to Apple Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android). If you connect to either of these, your steps will be counted automatically as long as you keep your phone on you. Connect to a Fitbit device and the data will be collected from your Fitbit account. Connect to Strava and the data will be collected from your Strava account.

How Does Strava Work?

Get2Cop collects data from your Strava account so ensure you have the app installed and you are familiar with the operating instructions. Strava is great if you intend to mostly cycle, run and walk to COP28. Just make sure you record your steps and mileage in the Strava App. We do all the rest!

Why Isn’t My Password Accepted?

Your Password must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 16 and must have at least one uppercase and one lower case, one numeric, and one special character. Special characters allowed @, $, !, %, *, ?, &.

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