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The Defining Issue Of Our Time.

Climate Change.

As founder of Get2Cop, Chris Long believes we are all stakeholders in climate change and must be part of the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP27).

“The only way for us – the citizens of this planet – is to help bend the global curve of emissions right now”

Chris Long is best known as the founder and organiser of Sport Aid and Run the World. Over a period of 3 years from 1986 to 1988 he raised over US$50m and caused governments to cancel US$150m of debt to poor African countries.

He organised two global events – the first for the African famine victims of Ethiopia and Sudan and the second for UNICEF’s silent emergency. In total mobilising more than 50 million people in 110 countries and proving that both individually and collectively, ordinary people can affect the world in which we live.

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“I Ran The World” – Extract

“I Ran The World” – Extract

Extract from ‘I RAN THE WORLD’ by Chris Long - published May 2020 CHAPTER 21 Is that it?   As I write this Greta Thunberg, who started a school strike for climate change outside the Swedish Parliament building, is now regarded across the world as a model of...

Avatar – Oceans (Seaweed Farms)

Avatar – Oceans (Seaweed Farms)

"Seaweed Farms" As was discussed in a previous article, the oceans of Earth store greater quantities of carbon than the rainforests. Excess carbon in the sea causes rising acid levels, which in turn proceeds to destroy coral reefs and thereby plunging marine...

Avatar – Fossil Fules

Avatar – Fossil Fules

"Fossil Fuels" These days, it's basically impossible to go about your day without hearing or reading the phrases, ‘cost of living crisis’, ‘suffering’, ‘fuel poverty’, and so on. The catastrophic inflation that has skyrocketed all of our living costs was driven, in...