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Climate Change Affects Us All & The Small Steps We Take Individually Can Mean Huge Strides Together.

Small Steps Make A Big Difference.

Select how you will get to COP28. Take part as a group: your family, friends, village town etc., or select school, college, university, club, or company to get your own avatar to COP 28. Not got a group? Don’t worry search and join others or take part under My Country and fly the flag from your country’s capital. ONLY SELECT INDIVIDUAL IF YOU LIVE NEAR TO COP. Check out how participant types work here.

Download The Get2Cop App

The Get2Cop App is available on both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Once it has been downloaded, open the app.

Create Your Account

Add your telephone number or continue with Google or Apple.
Agree to the Terms & Conditions and press Done.
Verify your phone number with the OTP code.

Complete Profile

Enter your details and set your Location. The app will automatically set your location to where you are. If you are not at your desired starting point, wait until you and your device are. Your Profile will then be created.

Set Your Location

Allow Get2Cop to access your location, this is a once-only request to establish your start point and route to COP28. The Get2Cop app does not track you, it will simply move your avatar along your route to COP28

Choose Your Avatar & Make Your Pledge

Choose one from our 16 Climate Avatars and make your pledge. This is not compulsory but we are demanding action by policymakers and our message is more powerful if we lead by example – by taking action ourselves.

Select Your Participant Type

Select how you will get to COP28. You can take part as an individual, a group, your school, college, university, club, company, or country. Check out how participant types work here.

Connect Your Device

Connect to the Health App (iOS) or Google Fit
(Android) to have your steps counted automatically.

You can also connect to a Fitbit device or add the steps and cycle rides manually, go to the next instruction to do so. If the majority of your journey is walking or running, select the Health App. If the majority of your journey is cycling, select Strava.

NOTE: If you choose Fitbit, Strava, or Garmin, ensure you have downloaded the respective app and set up an account.

If you wish to include other forms of exercise, simply convert that to steps and add them manually. See to the Step Conversion Chart below.

Are You Being Sponsored?

Are you being sponsored on your journey to COP28? All participants in Get2Cop are invited to get sponsorship or make a simple donation. All monies raised by Get2Cop support it’s operation with any surplus going to much-needed Climate Change Projects and programs. Select an amount and Donate or simply skip to the Dashboard.

Start Your Journey

You are now at your Dashboard. You can walk, run, or cycle to Dubai to deliver your pledge and your voice to the politicians at COP28. Small steps make a HUGE difference!

What’s Happening

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